Volunteer for Sunday Parkways

It's that time of year again! The sun is out and Portland biking is in! This annual event helps fund the activities and services provided by The Giving Tree to low-income housing in downtown Portland and surrounding areas. Every year we ask our community to be a part of Team Giving Tree. We need at least 10 volunteers per day to reach our goal! This year the dates are...

May 20th - SE Portland 9am Sewallcrest Park 31st and SE Salmon

June 24th - North Portland (always our biggest event)

July 22nd - Green Loop (BRAND NEW!)

August 19th - Outer NE Portland (near Gateway Green)

September 23rd - NE Portland

To sign up, email Gloria@thegivingtreenw.org


How do you get around if you can't afford transportation?

Most of our residents are dependent on public transportation. If you can't afford transportation you will have to walk to your healthcare appointments, the grocery store, the library or to see family and friends. 

Now there is another option which promotes healthy living and independence.

BIKETOWN for ALL Memberships

BIKETOWN for All is a partnership between the Community Cycling Center (CCC), the Portland Bureau of Transportation, Motivate, the Better Bike Share Partnership, and participating affordable housing communities, social service agencies and local nonprofits. Portlanders living on low incomes and who are affiliated with participating housing, social service and community organizations can sign up and receive a discounted membership for $3 per month.


Every summer we (staff, volunteers, resident participants) volunteer at Sunday Parkways!

This gigantic community event promotes healthy active living by opening the city's largest public space - its streets - to those who want to walk, bike, and roll! 

As Intersection Superheros we are the most important volunteers at Sunday Parkways, helping neighbors who live directly on the route.

Plan to walk or roll the route yourself? Volunteer for the opposite shift!

Please join Team Giving Tree on one (or all!) of these dates:

May 21, 2017     Southeast Portland Sunday Parkways

June 25, 2017      North Portland Sunday Parkways

July 23, 2017       Northest Portland Sunday Parkways

Sept 24, 2017      Sellwood-Milwaukie Sunday Parkways

Spend the day outside!

Receive a free t-shirt!

AM and PM shifts (9:30-1:30pm or 12:30- 4pm)!


Easy to arrive via TriMet!

Support The Giving Tree!

Contact Gloria Lee to sign up: gloria@thegivingtreenw.org. Please include your phone number.

Story Walks - Can You Idenitfy Our Location?

Throughout August 2016, affordable housing residents gathered with The Giving Tree NW to hear stories about Portland and share their own stories. Participants strolled the city, visiting parks in the Pearl, viewing public art collections at the Portland Building and City Hall, checking out the Portland Farmers Market together and exploring Waterfront Park, to mention a few stops. We discussed bike share, historic buildings and heritage trees. Part history tour and part story sharing, our Story Walks were a hit.
Jon Horton and Heather Morrill documented some of our adventure to share with you. Do you know where each photo was taken?

Art Explorations Gallery Show Opening

The Giving Tree is delighted to exhibit artwork from our 2016 Art Explorations classes. Please join our co-hosts, Innovative Housing, Inc. and Erickson Gallery.
View 100+ works of art from 6 classes ! 35 class sessions ! 31 participants !

The Giving Tree brings life enriching services directly to individuals living in affordable housing. Our Art Explorations program breaks isolation and brings diverse individuals together to share a new experience. These classes are a chance for participants to engage with each other, build community, and utilize art as a means of communication.
Participants of Art Explorations work through personal barriers surrounding the creation of art, allowing them to overcome fears and tap wells of strength and creativity that had been previously hidden.

Funding to support our 2016 Branches program was provided by eBay.
Art Exploration classes were funded in part by an Arts Equity Grant from the Regional Arts & Culture Council.