Our mission

We are a non-profit community building organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of under-served populations. By working in partnership with residents and property managers, we develop an environment of trust, stability and community within affordable housing properties. 

Our goals are to:

  1. Deepen community connections & reduce isolation;

  2. Develop healthy life skills;

  3. Find a passion; and

  4. Eradicate disruptions to their housing.

However, we do not believe in simply handing out a box of food, a bus pass, and a list of potential employers. We invest in our residents. We show them that they deserve more than to simply exist; they deserve to thrive, to grow, regardless of financial constraints. 

our sponsors


A special thanks to a few of our major sponsors and donors.

Nossa Familia - We could not complete our program 'Coffee & Conversation' without the fantastic support of Nossa Familia! 

Petite Provence - Donates weekly pastries for 'Coffee & Conversation' for many of our properties. So delicious! Thank you!

Collage PDX - This lovely art store in SE Portland generously provides art supplies for our monthly art activities. We love this place!

extending our mission to properties near you

To do this, we are a constant presence in our resident's communities, providing a variety of programming, including:

  • art classes;

  • nutrition and wellness workshops;

  • exercise, including walking trips to OMSI, The Oregon Zoo, Portland Art Museum, and the Chinese Gardens;

  • social events, such as game days, movie nights, community meals, and holiday celebrations; and

  • linking our residents directly to volunteer opportunities and external classes throughout Portland

Participants in our programs regularly report improved health, increased community involvement, greater stability in their living situation, and more positive approach to life. 


If you are a building owner, property manager, or resident services coordinator interested in learning about how we can assist with resident retention, building a strong apartment community, and enhancing your resident's quality of life, please contact us for more information.